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The meadow provides a variety of habitat for wild flowers from waterside to dry grassy flood plane areas and the flood defences provide a south facing chalk bank. The conservation group has undertaken some wild flower planting including cowslips and  ragged robin. There are extensive nettle beds which provide food plants for tortoiseshell and peacock butterfly caterpillars. Other prominent species of wild flower which can be seen in season are red campion, purple loosestrife, Ladies Bedstraw, Ladies Smock, meadowsweet, yellow flag iris and marsh marigold.

Every few years there are occurrences of orchids in the meadow. Mainly pyramidal orchid but also Bee orchid and Common spotted orchid have been found. Salisbury wildlife group have arranged work days to clear the invasive Himalayan and orange balsam.

A survey of wild flowers and grasses was taken in 1996 which was updated in 2002. The results of this survey can be seen by clicking the link below.

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