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The river Nadder

The river Nadder forms the northern boundary of the meadow, flowing between the meadow and Churchfields industrial estate.

The Nadder rises at Donhead St. Mary, flowing for 22 miles towards Salisbury, it passes first through the Wilton estate. Beyond Wilton the Nadder joins the Wylye, another of the five rivers which come together at Salisbury. After another couple of miles the combined rivers join the Avon close by Salisbury Cathedral Close.

A feature of the Nadder at Middle Street Meadow is Nadder Island which is a nature reserve managed by Wiltshire wildlife trust. Nadder island provides an undisturbed area of alder trees and willow scrub.The island provides a nesting area for kingfishers, woodpeckers and a number of other bird and shelter for animal species, including the occasional otter.

Angling - The angling on this stretch of the river is controlled by the Salisbury and district angling club. The river is home to roach, perch, chub, pike, dace, minnows, gudgeon, eels, carp, grayling, brown trout, salmon and sea trout.

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