Nature Notes

May 2022

May has been dry and fairly bright so far. Birds are nesting and our friendly robin, Bramble, comes to us for suet for his family each day.  Many birds are singing and pairing up. Some of the Reed warblers have returned to the reed beds. A pair of swans are nesting on the pond island. Spring butterflies, Orange tip, Brimstone and Small white are on the wing and the first Common blue has been seen. Some early wild flowers, Cuckoo flower, Ragged robin and Red campion are in flower. Most trees have their leaves and willows are producing their fluffy flowers.

11th May we found that the swans have hatched 9 cygnets. We have also seen a pair of Canada geese with 3 goslings and ducks with ducklings. Still no sign of orchids in the meadow but we have found Salad Burnet and Yellow Rattle in our wild flower area.

Ragged robin