Middle Street Meadow News 

Meadow news - September - October 2020


We are moving fast into autumn now and the trees are taking on their autumn colours. The river which was quite low was swollen by recent rain. A team of intrepid volunteers completed a task to open up a view of the river in front of one of the riverside benches. We have also been working to remove bramble roots from our wild flower area. The City council has cut the long grass areas which is done annually as part of the management plan. The summer migrants have left the meadow although a flock of house martins was seen recently over the river. Kingfisher and heron have been seen in the meadow pond. Green woodpeckers can be heard calling noisily around the meadow and can be seen on the ground searching for ant nests. The meadow has been a place of peace and joy during the Covid 19 pandemic, enjoyed by walkers and joggers alike.

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