Middle Street Meadow News 

The new Nadder river bench

Meadow news - May - June


May has been a month of cold wet weather and thankfully June has brought some warm sunshine. Most trees have their leaves and the meadow's wild flowers are coming into bloom. Primroses and cowslips are nearly over. Lady's smock, ragged robin and irises are blooming in the wet areas while buttercups dominate the grassy areas. The first migrants are back in the meadow with reed warblers, sedge warblers and reed buntings singing in the reed beds. Blackcaps singing in the trees Canada geese are pairing up and defending their stretches of the river. The first butterflies appear on warmer days with orange tip and peacock being the most obvious. The first common blue butterflies have been seen. The meadow continues to be a place of peace and joy during the Covid 19 pandemic, enjoyed by families, dog walkers, footballers and joggers alike.