Meadow work day

Friday 22nd November 2019

The tasks will be;

  1. Continuing brush cutting invasive brambles.  As the brush cutter is noisy and dangerous no one else is allowed to be within 15 meters during cutting.

  2. Cutting of regrowth around the pond to maintain the open views.

  3. Planting of disease resistant elms to replace those that have died from Dutch elm disease.


Salisbury City Council Parks manager, Mostyn Coombes has agreed that the areas we clear of bramble will then be maintained by council ground staff with strimmers to prevent regrowth.  He has also offered us a refurbished bench to be sited with views of the river.

In January James will start carrying out some more thinning of trees in the copses to enable those remaining to grow stronger and to prevent too much shading of the paths.

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