Meadow work days 2020


All work days postponed due to January lockdown


Volunteer days of 2021,


Tasks will be;

  1. Continuing brush cutting invasive brambles. 

  2. Cutting of regrowth around the pond to maintain the open views.

  3. Removal of bramble roots from cleared areas.

  4. Thinning of trees in copses

  5. Spreading of grass and wildflower seed

Please note: COVID 19 precautions will be in place during these events


As the work is outdoors and the meadow a large open space there will be no problem social distancing.  There will be no sharing of gloves or goggles so please bring your own.  Some tools will be available which will be sanitised before and after use and not shared during the session.  If you can bring your own please do so as we only have 3 pairs of loppers and 3 saws. Sadly, we will also not be able to share refreshments so again please bring your own.