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Management of the Meadow

Middle Street Meadow is a public open space owned, since April 2009, by Salisbury City Council. The site is valuable for wildlife as part of a green corridor adjacent to the River Nadder which stretches into the heart of the city. It also provides a much appreciated natural area for public enjoyment in a residential district within the city limits.

The meadow is a relic of the water meadow system along the River Nadder, it continued to be grazed until it’s donation to the Council in 1960. From then until 1994 management was minimal, grass cuttings were left to rot on the ground which resulted in nutrient enrichment and loss of species diversity. In 1994 a residents’ Conservation Group was formed which worked with the Council to draw up a new management plan aimed at increasing the diversity of flora and fauna and consequently public appreciation of the site.

The management plan, (see link below), was drawn up by the Middle Street Meadow Conservation Group in consultation with the Salisbury Council and the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

The initial aims of the project were achieved with the help of a Community Action for Wildlife grant. Grass cutting is now carried out in August, by Salisbury City Council and cuttings are removed for the council's composting scheme.

Monitoring of the results of the change of management should be undertaken. The successful management prescription in Middle Street Meadow could be used in other natural areas in the city.

The location of the meadow offers considerable scope for public participation and environmental education.

Several well attended volunteer work days were arranged for tree, and flower planting, litter clearing etc.



Middle Street Meadow - Management plan

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